About us

Stay Home Clothing was created as a preventive measure to flatten the curve, and spread of the novel corona virus. Covid-19 has a major influence on our daily lives. the health of each individual is a priority. it is important that we do not panic at any time. we started this brand so that we can encourage everyone to follow the health and safety guidelines.
Our name Stay Home clothing came from the #stayhome. The #stayhome order is to limit how many people are exposed to the virus. Because not everyone adheres to this hashtag, we made clothes with a message that can encourage them to abide by the rules. our brand is not only focused on this pandemic, this brand is also made to relax at home in our comfortable clothing. We all have those days that we just want to relax and watch movies or tv series with our family, the best way to do that is by wearing our comfy clothing

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