Stay Home Clothing


Wearing our comfy clothing is something most of us enjoy.  They are cozy and can be worn no matter what season it is. They are good for all occasions and activities you enjoy participating in outdoors on a daily basis, but for now they are great as stay home clothing.

About us

Stay Home Clothing was created as a preventive measure to flatten the curve, and spread of the novel corona virus. Covid-19 has a major influence on our daily lives. The health of each individual is a priority. It is important that we do not panic at any time. We started this brand so that we can encourage everyone to follow the health and safety guidelines.

Stay safe

Stay at home or the place you are staying. Only leave your home for medically necessary appointments (if possible, use private transportation for this purpose).  If possible, work at home, keep your family at home, do not have visitors and avoid contact with older adults, or those with medical conditions, who are at a higher risk of developing serious illness. If contact cannot be avoided, take the following precautions: keep at least 2 metres between yourself and the other person. Keep interactions brief.

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